Folk Songs of Punjab

Folk Songs of Punjab The Punjab is a multi-layered Cultural Region and its music tradition stretches back for thousands of year to the Vedic Period. Due to an exposure to a number of cultures, Punjab has developed its own unique musical mode. Just as the hardships have made the people lively, the same impact can … Read more

Fairs and Festivals of Punjab

Fairs and Festivals of Punjab Fairs are an exhibition of the living culture of a place. A fair showcases the folklore, folk arts, folk-dances, folk customs and folk tales. Legends can be witnessed in a fair. Culture may be defined as ―Shared learned behavior. It consists of commonly accepted and expected ideas, attitudes, values and … Read more

Punjab: Main centers for Handicrafts

  Handicrafts of  Punjab Punjab is one of the most vibrant statesof India. In Punjab local handicraft is very much developed. Punjab is famous for following handicraft specially: i) Phulkari ii) Wood Carving and Laquer Work iii)     Leather Work iv) Handlooms   Now, we will discuss the major handicraft center for all the above crafts. … Read more

Punjab: Language and Dialect

  Punjabi is the major language of the Punjab. Hindi and English is alsobeing  spoken in the state. Punjabi is a language which belongs to Indo-Aryan group of languages. Best on the dialects Punjab can be divided into two regions. Fig: Punjabi Dialects               Now, we will discuss some … Read more

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