General Studies– IV Science & Technology, Environment, Problem Solving & Decision Making

General Studies– IV
Science & Technology, Environment, Problem Solving & Decision Making

Section-1 : Science and Technology
1.1.1 Developments and applications of science and technology
1.1 Science and Technology and their effects in everyday life
1.1.2 Achievements of Indians in science & technology; indigenization of technology and developing new technology.
1.1.3 Recent developments in the fields of IT, Space, Computers, robotics, nano-technology, etc.
1.1.4 Issues relating to intellectual property rights.
1.2 Modern Trends in Life Sciences
1.2.1 Progress of Agricultural Science and its impactIntroduction to Biotechnology and its applications; Veterinary and Animal SciencesLatest developments.
1.2.2 Introduction to and applications of Genetic Engineering & Stem Cell Research
1.2.3 Human Diseases and Microbial infections; Common infections and preventive measures; preventive measures during out breaks; Immunity and vaccination

Section-2: Environment
2.1 Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, Issues related to Climate change; environmental impact assessment
2.2 Water management- Issues in India; Present scenario, Methods and importance of water conservation
2.3 Definition, nature, types and classification of disasters
2.4 Natural Hazards: Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, etc., Risk reduction and mitigation measures
Section-3: Situations in Civil Service -Problem Solving and Decision Making
3.1 Tackling situations of Natural disasters/ Major Accidents/ Law and order, Controlling riots, Handling public protests and dharnas, Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation, Designing Projects, Implementation of National Flagship Schemes/ Programmmes, Public Private Partnership in effective service delivery, Managing and financing Municipal services e.g. Solid waste management, Conservation of natural resources- water, forests, etc, Pollution control, Reviving a loss making PSU, Planning and target achievement, Gender sensitization and women empowerment, Empowerment of vulnerable sections of the society, Improving Education and Enhancing Skill development, Urban settlement- Slums and Housing issues, Managing Issues related to Urban/
A duly structured situation will be presented to the candidates and they will be asked to analyze and suggest their own solution Rural drinking water supply and sanitation, etc.

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