Punjab Economy Updated Data- Must for PPSC Prelims and Mains Exam

Punjab economy updates Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Punjab for 2019-20 (at current prices) is estimated to be Rs 5,77,829 This is 11.5% higher than the revised estimate for 2018-19. Economic growth rates The growth rate of Punjab’s GSDP (at current prices) has increased from 9.9% in 2015-16 … Read more

Punjab Human Development Index

Punjab Human Development Index:- Human Development Index The Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite index of human development in education, longevity or health, and in access to opportunities measured in per capita incomes, with the present status of districts in these parameters  related  with  certain  absolute achievement positions, or some desirable achievement positions. This … Read more

Punjab Public Finance and fiscal Policy

Punjab Public Finance and fiscal Policy:- Introduction Punjab economy was India’s leading state economy during the pre-reforms era, especially after the Green Revolution. Thus, Punjab acquired the status of being the most vibrant and prosperous state. Over a long period, Punjab remained at the first position in terms of per-capita income. The state has lost … Read more

Punjab Food security

Punjab Food security Food Security:- Food  security  is  achieved,  when  all  people,  at  all  times,  have  physical,  social  and  economic access  to  sufficient,  safe  and  nutritious  food  to  meet  their directly  needs  and  food  preferences  for  an active  and  healthy  life. Introduction:- Punjab has done its fair share to ensure India’s food security by dedicatedly … Read more

Trade and Commerce in Punjab

Trade and Commerce in Punjab Punjab was the first Indian State to use agricultural technology to engineer a “Green Revolution”, recording the highest growth rate in food production. Today, with its rich agricultural resources and favourable climate, the state continues to be one of the largest producers of food grains and cash crops in the … Read more

Punjab Tax and Economic Reform

Punjab Tax and Economic Reform   Tax is very important very important part of government revenues. But sometimes it is necessary to reform the tax structure keeping eye on current economic conditions. We will learn about Tax and Economic reforms in Punjab in the following paragraphs. Fiscal Reforms in Punjab Monetary changes frame a vital piece … Read more

Project and Schemes of Punjab

  Punjab schemes are following:-                  Punjab Crop Loan Waiver Scheme to Waive Off up to Rs. 2 Lakh for each Farmer:- The state administration of Punjab is good to go to dispatch Crop Loan Waiver Scheme 2017 for little and minimal agriculturists over the state. In June, government has made a declaration that little and … Read more

Punjab Planned Development

Punjab Planned Development Department of Planning and Planned Development The Department of Planning manages all issues identifying with the definition, development, evaluation and correction of Annual Plans and Five Year Plans; and sub-plans for sub-bumpy, wager, outskirt and other extraordinary zones. The office conducts business on all issues identifying with coordination of Plans of the … Read more

Main feature of Budget of Punjab

Main feature of Budget of Punjab   Main Features of Punjab Budget is as follows: Farmers Debt relief to distressed farmers: To provide financial assistance to the Debt-ridden farmers particularly small and marginal farmers in the state to reduce their debt burden, under the scheme “Scheme for providing debt relief to the distressed farmers in … Read more

An Introduction to Punjab Economy

An Introduction to Punjab Economy Introduction According to the State Hunger Index of India, the Punjab state has least level of appetite in the nation. The place that is known for Punjab has an extremely rich richness on earth. This locale is a perfect place for development of wheat, rice, natural products, sugar stick and … Read more

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