Punjab: Geographical Location


Physical location in India:

Punjab is a small state situated in NorthWest part of India.It is a border state, having international border with Pakistan on the western side. River Satluj and Ravi flow along most parts of this international border.

In the below map, purple colored showing Punjab location on the map of India.



Fig:Punjab on India Map




State Border: Punjab shares its border with four states –

  1. Jammu & Kashmir in North,
  2. Himachal Pradesh to the East,
  • Haryana on the South and South-East direction,
  1. Rajasthan in the Southwest.


On the geographical map, it is triangular in shape. Pathankot district is at the top of the triangle,Fazilka and Patiala are respectively at the bottom left and right corners of this triangular shape.

Physical Coordinates:

Latitude: 29.30 degree North to 32.32 degree North.

Longitude: 73.55 degree East to 76.50 degree East.


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